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1625 Oregon Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19145
New Jersey Location 37 Breckenridge Drive,Shamong, NJ 08088

Hot Topics

Hot Topics

  • Spring Thaw is Coming!! Is your Property Protected from Water??

    Yesterday was one of the first breaths of spring. So, it occurs to me that we should begin to think about protections for our homes for the Spring Thaw. We have been inundated with rain. It has to go somewhere, so we need to be aware of the consequences of water damage caused during the spring thaw. You can't control Mother Nature, but you can implement measures that will help prevent water damage and save on costly water damage restoration repairs.

  • Confusing Insurance Terms Explained

    Have you ever felt ignorant when an insurance agent is throwing terms around that you don’t understand? Before becoming an agent, I did. I felt stupid and refused to ask the questions I should have asked about what on Earth he was talking about.
    So, here are some explanations.

  • Do You Understand Your Homeowners' Policy?  Understanding the HO Numbers

    Homeowners’ Insurance is required for any homeowner who has a mortgage. And those lucky few who do not have a mortgage, it is highly recommended to hedge against a catastrophic loss. But, do you know enough about your policy?
    Over the next few weeks, we will provide a description of the basics of Homeowners’ Insurance and provide some information for you to think about including in your policy or even the opposite – that it is an added feature of your policy that you do not need.

  • Personal Finance Thoughts for the New Graduate

    As I think about those in their 20s who are beginning their careers in this very difficult economic environment as they graduate from college, I wanted to pass along a few thoughts from my many years as a C.P.A. to those who choose to hear them.

  • Does Your Small Business have the Right Insurance Coverages?

    Well, now is the time to start thinking about whether you want to risk all of your hard work going up in flames because you don’t have the proper insurance coverage. You need to consider insurance in two major arenas: coverage of you, the most important cog in your business’ wheel and the business itself.

  • Is Your Small Business Adequately Insured to Protect Your Wealth?

    Too many small businesses cut corners (either financial or time) and do not adequately cover their business with property and casualty insurance. Are you among those? It is critical for a small business to have a Businessowners’ policy and perhaps other liability policy(ies) not only for the coverage of your business property, but most importantly to cover all the significant liabilities that your business may face.

  • When Can You Consider that You are Ready for Retirement?

    My recommendation is that you have the answers to at least the following two questions:
    1. What will you do with all of your extra time?
    2. Does your long-term financial plan work?

  • What is Your New Year's Resolution?

    Perhaps you will want to reconsider it and choose “prepare for retirement” instead. Over the holidays, I read an article that quoted a national survey of people aged 60 to 75 that concluded that just 20% of retirement aged individuals can even pass a basic quiz on how to make their nest egg last through retirement. Yet, the same survey indicated that a majority of the same people are confident that they are on the right track to be comfortable, financially, during retirement.

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